UPDATE: - June 21st -  Waste Management has committed to a seamless transition for existing Trash Service customers.  If you have service in place with Advanced Disposal your trash will be picked up by WM on July 3rd.

If you do not currently have trash service but want to sign up, call WM at 800-677-4884.

At the Council meeting on Wednesday, May 10th, Council awarded the new Trash/Refuse Collection contract to Waste Management (WM), Inc.(www.WM.com)This new contract will go into effect on July 1st (with Monday pick-up on July 3rd).

Features of the new contract include:
  • Flexible Seasonal Pick-Up start and end dates
  • Curbside Pick-Up at $13.14 per month
  • Back-Door Pick-Up at $17.14 per month
  • Fall and Spring scheduled clean-up days
The WM quoted/contracted price was independent of whether trash pick-up is mandatory or optional, so Council deferred acting on any proposed Ordinance change pending more in-depth consideration of the alternatives posed. So, until further review, it is business as usual through this service transition.Thanks for your input.

WM is gearing up for the change and should be ready to handle your sign-ups by mid-June.Call 1-800-677-4884 or visit www.WM.com then to arrange or continue service.