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Advisory Committee on Community Events

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Advisory Committee on Community Events
In August 2009 the Planning Commission concluded a study on the potential for our community to grow and flourish. One of the notions proposed to be explored, for example, is a 4th holiday weekend between the 4th of July and Labor Day. From this study:
Planning an ‘event’ for a weekend between the 4th of July and Labor Day would give us a 4th Holiday weekend during the summer which we could all celebrate as a community and one without pressures for some of us to be elsewhere. Open houses could be held with special discounts by the businesses and tours, by land and water, of the community.
It could be argued that this is not Council’s role, but leadership is and Council or the Mayor can take a leadership role in establishing such an annual event, if nothing more than by proclamation.

The initial purpose of this Committee is to further explore this, or other morale-building events.



Allison Finui, Chair

David Perez

Rene Straka

Brenda Wasson

Gay Reed