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Water lines will be flushed, in preparation for the July 4th Holidays, over the period June 17th through 21st and June 24th through 28th.  Water may be cloudy during the flushing but typically the flushing goes without notice.  Folks who have been away and not used water for a long period may experience local settling of red/brown oxides which should quickly disappear as low-elevation or down-sloping individual supply lines get used upon arrival.



Sponsored by Indian Lake Anglers’ Club.  Saturday, July 6th, 2019 @ Indian Lake Marina.  Click Here for details on this and other upcoming events in a two page flyer.


The Indian Lake Anglers' Club has published a series of fliers publicizing their Summer Activities.  Click Here to read all about it.

Click Here for a 2019 Membership Application; dues are only $25.

More fireworks are scheduled for the 2019 Shanksville Community Picnic on Saturday  August 3rd.    

There will also be yet more fireworks for the Regatta/Community Weekend, the second weekend of August, on Saturday August 10th


Snowmobiles and ATVs; Sharing the Road

On Wednesday, February 13th, Council enacted a new Ordinance 187 permitting joint use of Borough roadways for properly registered and operated and insured snowmobiles and ATVs. This new Ordinance is permitted by recent changes in state laws and is viewed as important legislation for recreational and recreation-friendly communities such as ours.

The Ordinance is available by clicking the link below. There are many important provisions, restrictions, limitations and nuance in the Ordinance and, more importantly, the underlying state laws.

Golf Carts are specifically excluded from PA's ATV, Snowmobile or NEV regulations and provisions, and are thus NOT permitted under these ordinances.

There is an open discussion topic on the Smoke Signals Forum at:

Ordinance 187

Chapter 77 of the Motor Vehicle Code