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Somerset County Subdivision and Land Development Regulations


Indian Lake Borough Ordinance 144 contains zoning requirements, and a few requirements regarding Subdivisions and Planned Residential Developments (PRDs), but for the most part defers Subdivision Regulation to the Somerset County Planning Commission.

The Somerset County Subdivision and Land Development Regulations are available on-line at : 

Copies are provided here for convenience (current as of October 2008):


Chapters 1-4

Chapters 5-7

Chapters 8-12


Somerset County Comprehensive Plan


Indian Lake Borough does not have a Comprehensive Plan as defined by the Municipalities Planning Code; we are governed instead by the Somerset County plan.  The Somerset County Comprehensive Plan is available in total at:

It is an extremely large document and is broken up into several parts.  The INTRO is three pages, about 3 MegaBytes in size.  It contains high-resolution photographs, but little content other than the table of contents.  You may download the INTRO.pdf file at: ,

[or you can take our word for it and use the following table of contents...]

(3 MB [MegaBytes])

Executive Summary 
(21 MB)

Chapter 1 Introduction
(3 MB)

Chapter 2 Somerset County Today ; Trends & Issues

Chapter 3 Somerset County Tomorrow ; Values, Visions, & Goals

Chapter 4 Somerset County Changes ; Action Planning & Implementation Strategies

Appendix A Glossary & References
(300 KB [Kilobytes])

Appendix B Technical Background Studies

Appendix C Community Survey

Appendix D Supporting Assets 

Appendix E Public Comments

Appendix F Geographic Information Systems Maps
(Various Sizes; 300 KB to 2.8 MB each)

These are available on CD (for loan) from the Borough Office.